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Admissions Open for Batch of 2024-26

About the Program

Two year pgdm program

Indian first Government & AICTE Approved PGDM management program that provides students with a multidisciplinary approach to traditional management programs in India using Design thinking and Liberal Arts.

Our learning methodology uses Harvard Publishing, Global Curriculum templates, Case-based study methodology to teach traditional business subjects using innovative design thinking practices and liberal arts immersions during the 2 years on campus.

Every year our PGDM students get introduced to a diverse set of experiences and subjects ( Apart from regular management subjects) to develop into well-rounded individuals. ​

The program aims at creating leaders who have the following qualities.

  • Dares to take on Complex Problems

  • Is aware of the true needs of multiple stakeholders

  • Collaborates to integrate different ideas

  • Crafts path-breaking, sustainable solutions

  • Possesses creative confidence & Views constraints as opportunities

  • Embodies the spirit of human-centric innovation

Programme Educational Objectives:



Program Outcomes:

  • Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.

  • Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.

  • Ability to develop Value based Leadership ability.

  • Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business.

  • Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.

PEO 1. The students will be able to apply creative and innovative approaches to solving complex problems in their                         respective fields.

PEO 2. The students will attain leadership roles in reputed organization

PEO 3. The students will be able to demonstrate ethical values, personal and professional integrity

PEO 4. The students will be able to exhibit a lifelong commitment to learning, adaption, and growth.

Over the last decade, with the growth of internet and increase in global trade, consumer habits have changed like never before. This has consequently changed how business is done. As startups disrupt traditional industries and traditional businesses grapple to get ahead of the curve, innovation is the single biggest differentiator of company balance sheets.


Today, design thinking is increasingly becoming the most sought talent in the world. In the 21st century, Business Design is the future of management.

des thi.jpg

What is Design Thinking? 

Design Thinking Process (In Theory)

Untitled design - 2019-08-16T141136.606.

Program Overview

SOIL School of Business Design’s curriculum leans on action-oriented learning and collaboration. Implementation of design thinking requires techniques that bridge the methods used in engineering design with creative ideas from arts, methodologies of social sciences and market testing from business.


The two-year Post-graduate Diploma Program in Business Design challenge students to tackle problems that are happening right now: students will work with non-profit, corporate, and public entities to develop projects that address real-world challenges. Some projects last just hours, others last weeks – and in some cases, projects span years as student teams turn them into organizations that help people around the world. 

Innovative Curriculum

A combination of courses from Business, Design and Liberal Arts 

Experiential Immersions

Rural Immersion

Global Immersion

Himalayan Retreat

Discover India Journey

Course Specializations



Operations & Analytics

Human Resources

Discover Career Paths

Summer Internship

Live Projects

Final Placements

1) Innovative Curriculum

Business + Design + Liberal Arts

The program will blend Design Thinking and Liberal Arts with Management in a unique experiential curriculum that will provide a rich portfolio of exposure and skills spanning traditional as well as emerging areas of business management.

Whether you have a background in liberal arts, engineering, science or commerce, the SOIL School of Business Design will help you discover your creative confidence, make you a problem solver par excellence and a manager who leads with the design while being armed with the core skills that any top management program offers.

2) Experiential Immersions

Global Immersion

Our students undergo a two-week long international study tour in one of the leading business capitals of the world. To provide an understanding of how businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs operate in a global arena

Indian Train Journey 

A 10 day long trip, the initiative has a major focus on understanding various business capitals of our country and their historic relevance. Students would also learn about various business practices across different part of India

Himalayan Retreat

Students spend a weeks time at the foothills of the himalyas learning to appreciate their own distinctive strengths through an understanding of the self and through the perception of other people

Social Innovation 

Students to work closely with a non-for-profit organization working towards community development. The projects will be chosen depending on the most critical need areas of the oranization.

hands cup.jpg
himalayan retreat.jpg

3) Course Specializations



Operations & Analytics

Human Resources

4) Careers 

The SSOBD program design prepares you in a unique manner to create and access professional opportunities that are emerging at leading organizations in these times. We are quite sure that as an exclusive group of the first ever graduates in the country with a specialization in Business Design you will be much sought after by all companies that value design and innovation as a key driver for their growth and sustained success.

SSOBD in particular, having been created by a consortium of over 30 companies, is adequately prepared to create and identify the most fitting opportunities for its graduates.

Specifically, we foresee our graduates taking on the following range of responsibilities

  1. Product management roles at top design-led firms

  2. Business designers/product architects at start-ups

  3. Experience and service design managers at large service companies

  4. Strategy planning and execution management at established firms to identify and/or create new business opportunities

  5. Roles in traditional domains of business management like finance, HR, marketing etc.

  6. Consulting at design research and product development firms

  7. Entrepreneurship

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