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Unlearn through our unique experiences

Education as we know it includes classroom learning and test-taking. Years ago, field trips were introduced in an effort to take learning outside of the classroom. Now, with the demand for greater self-awareness and more specialized skills, it’s time to expand learning outside of the classroom and make it more engrained in the education process to help advance our students.

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Business is the means for creating value, synergies and efficiencies around the world. Our students undergo a two-week-long international study tour in one of the leading business capitals of the world. This tour combines on-campus lectures, projects and assignments as well as experiential formats like workshops.

2020-22 Theme: The business capital selected for the first batch’s study tour would be Singapore or Japan.


This program aims at exposing the students to various cultures of India. A 10 day long trip, the initiative has a major focus on understanding various business capitals of our country and their historic relevance. Students would also learn about various business practices across different part of India

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Management education is not only about classroom lectures, case studies, and presentations. It also requires learning through exposure to unfamiliar situations and inward reflection. All the second-year students are provided with an opportunity to do so when they explore the Himalayas as part of the Himalayan Outreach Program.


Today, more than ever before, the business community is increasingly focusing on the development sector and social inclusion. This makes it essential for any business leader to fully understand and appreciate the ground realities of the development sector. Without the full involvement of the future leaders, this development will remain one-sided, insufficient and incomplete. With this intent, SOBD has incorporated the Social Innovation Program into its curriculum as an integral course.

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