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Discover your creative potential


Discover your creative potential

Course Structure

Upon joining the programme, students go through coursework in 6 terms spread across 2 academic years and complete at least 122 credits. The academic group that a student joins is treated as the Major area of specialization. 

In Year 1, students are required to take up a minimum of 24 courses involving 16 core management courses and 08 courses on Design Thinking, Liberal Arts and Value addition Courses. 

In the summer vacation at the end of the first year, students undertake an internship which is treated as equivalent to 6 credit course.


In Year 2, the students will be able to choose their field of specializations and are required to complete a minimum of 13 elective courses (36 credits) along with 2 Simulation and Project based courses.


After successful completion of coursework, students take a QE (Qualifying Examination) under the supervision of the academic committee to be awarded grade points for the respective courses.​


The term wise course break down is given below:

Curriculum - Learning Journey

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6



Foundation of Management

Gain a overview of business fundamentals - Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Strategy

Advanced Management

Broaden and strengthen your skills in areas of problem solving and business management 

Functional Specialization

Expand your knowledge in favorite business stream. Choose electives from Marketing, Finance, Operations and Analytics

Test & Implement

Apply your learning in live projects and our capstone module

Design Thinking

Learning the fundamentals, the tools, frameworks & techniques 

Mock Design Workshops

Solving Community & Business related problems in Innovation & Product Labs

Liberal Arts

Understanding Human Behaviour

Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology 


Knowing Yourself through self leadership & improving soft skills for communication

Understanding Multicultural Teams & Building Team Capability



Exposure to diverse cultures, diverse business capitals and Markets, understanding the business and culturual scenario

Community & Industry Visits

Social Innovation

Global Immersion

Rural Immersion


Know Yourself leading to Self Branding

Know your Industry - Summer Internship

Strategize for future

Final Placements

Year 1 - Term wise courses


Year 2 - Term wise courses

In the second year, the students may take elective/ optional courses to specialize in a maximum of two functional areas. These areas could be any of the following: HR, Finance, Analytics & Operations & Marketing. Final elective course offerings, however, would be determined by the number of students showing interest in specializing in a given area. The Institute may also consider new electives in line with the latest developments and availability of expertise to offer the same.


The school offers major and minor specializations with the following criteria

Major Specializations

  • Tracks: Finance, Marketing, Operations & Analytics, Human Resources

  • The maximum limit of major specialization is 1

  • Each major specialization will require a minimum of 9-course credits to be completed (Each course – 3 Credit​

Minor Specializations 

  • Tracks: Finance, Marketing, Operations & Analytics, Human Resources

  • The maximum limit of minor specialization is 1

  • Each minor specialization will require a minimum of 5-course credits to be completed (Each course - 3 Credits)


*Curriculum is indicative and subject to revise time to time as per the Industry requirements.

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