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Whether you have a background in liberal arts, engineering, science or commerce, the School of Business Design will help you discover your creative confidence, make you a problem solver par excellence and a manager who leads with the design while being armed with the core skills that any top management program offers.​


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) will blend Design Thinking and Liberal Arts with Management in a unique experiential curriculum that will provide a rich portfolio of exposure and skills spanning traditional as well as emerging areas of business management. The innovative programme curriculum helps students to:

  • Become creative and discover their creative potential.

  • Developing young leaders with  holistic thinking to become aware of the true needs of multiple stakeholders.

  • Care for their requirements, source creativity and inspiration from deep within to develop products and solutions

  • Dare to transcend their limitations and fears and work synergistically with others to manifest sustainable innovation

  • Become inspired leaders to achieve results beyond expectations and transform organizations

  • Understand the social, economic, political, technological and ecological environment of modern society

Curriculum Learning Journey​




Program Learning Goals

1) Discover creative potential

  • To identify, analyze problems and innovatively think of new ways to solve problems.

  • To develop out of the box thinking

2) Critical Thinking & Holistic Understanding:

  • To understand the logical connections between ideas, identify, construct and evaluate arguments, detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning and solve problems systematically.

  • To understand people and systems in their natural context devoid of biases.

3) Analytical Reasoning

  • To critically analyze business information using analytical techniques, models, or frameworks in order to integrate different aspects of business.

  • To identify patterns and deliver solutions, evaluate and implement them.

4) Communication & Team Building

  • To develop a strong focus on business writing, active listening, and communicating your ideas effectively to stakeholders.

  • To develop good relationship between the employer and the staff to increase productivity and the organization's bottom line

5) Functional Competency

  • To demonstrate functional & technical competency in the areas of management, to observe, empathize, ideate solutions for problems. 

Term wise Courses


Unlearn &



Problem SOLving


Discover Creative potential





of Business


Beyond the classroom

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