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Committee for SC/ST Students

As per the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities ) Act, 1989 No. 33 of 1989 (as amended) committee for SC/ST Students has been constituted with the following members:-


1. Dr. Asheesh Pandey, Professor, SSOBD

Committee Members

1. Dr. Ripsy Bondia, Assistant Professor

2. Mr. Eshan Arora, Program Manager, SSOBD

3. Ms. Pooja Prabhakar, Senior Manager, Admissions

4. Ms. Pratishtha Kagra, Student Representative, SSOBD

5. Mr. Shikhar Sharma, Student Representative, SSOBD

For any queries or filing of grievance redressal, please write to

Committee for SC/ST students Order
(24 Mar 2021)
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